About Fortunaglobal

About Us

With its roots extending well beyond 10 years and with the backbone of an unparalleled team of experienced technologists, consultants, researchers and designers with a resilient passion focused in treading beyond the norms of traditional sales and marketing parameters, Fortunaglobal promises real-time knowledge of customer behaviors and trends, delivering a state of the art experience in consumer-driven Digital banking through a Omni Channel Banking Suite.

What Inspired Us

We possess an overwhelming passion to prepare your business for change and compete effectively in today's financial services marketplace. We are continuously driven by this passion, supported by a strong vision and an expert road map to innovate and develop perfect solutions via our Affluence digital banking platform. We are confident as always in providing dependable solutions customized to your unique needs. Our ultimate goal is to develop a one stop solution intertwining internet, mobile and unlimited number of other channels and devices to reach the challenging banking customer of tomorrow.

What We Believe In

User Friendly

Our products require no frenzied manuals, they are simple and easy to use. They are built on a platform of 'superior convenience' for the modern busy lives of the banking customer. We are determined to craft a set of solutions which are a 'must have' for the banking millennial.


We constantly assess what we do, from upstream strategy to downstream implementation. This calls for new thinking and new approaches which correspond with the modern times and demands. We don’t believe in 'one size fits all', rather we strive to continuously customize, innovate and challenge ourselves.


We have a strong backbone with a team of great energy to carry out the largest of projects, yet we are a simple organization with a strong commitment in accelerating your business revenues forward through customer satisfaction.

Our Legacy of Winning Awards

Each year we strive to achieve many new milestones and in 2017, we are proud to have secured the title of 'Most Popular Electronic Payment Product’ and the winner of the 'Best Mobile Payment Application for Financial Services’. Thus continues our award-winning legacy into the future as we continue to discover new grounds in a changing digital climate.