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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Our solutions are responsive to your customer size and your challenges of on-boarding and retaining business customers. Adapted to dynamic competitive needs of the corporate banking customer, we provide real time (and non-real time) online transaction platforms and single snapshots whilst constantly upgrading with new add-ons.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability & Agility

Despite the scale and size of your bank, whether it is the largest multinational or the smallest regional banking outlet, Affluence gives you accountable ROI with its combination of technology and solution. The scalability and agility of the solution allows you to extend the product across all channels and devices.

Extended Controls

Extended Controls

An attractive user interface allows the customer to access all financial transactions in a user-friendly manner, while providing the convenience of authorizing and managing all transactions on the go. Further, it provides the feasibility of automated categorizations and the availability of filtering transactions for easy access and processing.

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

A rich whirlpool of customer data would serve the marketing teams of your bank with in-depth knowledge of whom you are serving and who you can acquire with updated information on customer demands with products like ‘Insights’ which can be easily coupled to the system.

Innovative Banking

  • Informative User Controllable Dashboard
  • Personalized Alerts
  • Comprehensive Dashboard with asset and liability status with the bank.
  • Secure company user onboarding in line with board resolution.
  • Manage user roles with different system privileges.
  • Company transaction monitoring system.
  • Alert management for transactions.
  • Secured transactions authenticated via One Time Password.
  • Efficient communication to users on company transactions via e-mails and SMS.
  • Manage approval count depend on transaction value.
  • Transaction authorization supported by a sophisticated mobile app.
  • Account summary and transaction history details.
  • Bulk funds transfers.
  • Salary bulk upload to accommodate convenient salary payments.
  • Bulk remittances to make payments to non-account holders.
  • Automated bill payments.
  • Payments to third party bodies. (Government /custom payments)
  • Payments to Local as well as to foreign parties.
  • Digital online Letter of credit module to accommodate immediate payments.
  • Other import and export trade facilities including guarantees.
  • Real-time Inquiry on exchange rates.
  • Place foreign exchange contracts.
  • Initiate treasury contracts.
  • Transaction control with limits.
  • Financial calendar.

Business Dashboard

Empower your corporate financial position which provides a comprehensive snapshot of financial statements.

  • Graphical interaction to obtain asset and liability status.
  • Convenient cash management with detailed information.

Multiple User Management

Allows a dynamic, in-context overview of all accounts in real-time, enabling corporates to easily take action anytime, mitigating operational and financial risk.

  • Provides a platform for different user tier management in line with business objectives.

Comprehensive Approval Management

Provides an advanced approval management structure to fast-track the approval backlog of the business.

  • Define approval count based on the volume of the transactions and route to different user levels accordingly.

Cash Management

Embark on real time view on your actual cash position and empower cash movements through multiple channels to local and foreign parties.

  • Intelligent application process which identifies business document requirement based on transaction type.
  • Bulk funds transfer option to facilitate multiple transactions at once.
  • Bulk remittance/token feature to support business payments to non – banking customers.
  • Access to current company cash position and retrieve company transaction history.


Endowed with a convenient application process to reduce the volume of documents on trade transactions, the solution will also provide real-time tradable exchange rate information, giving flexibility in transactions and capture margin opportunities.

  • Access complete trade transaction cycles with direct communication with SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system.
  • Supported by Intelligent data throughout the application process to minimize the user input.
  • Access to existing status of the trade facilities online.
  • Automated trade transaction calendar to monitor each trade transaction.


As your business customers manage the constant influx and outflow of funds for investment management, our solution provides a complete suite of treasury and cash management offerings to acquire and retain more customers.

  • Facility to inquire investment rates though bank officials online.
  • Initiation of treasury and FOREX contracts online based on the offered rate online.
  • Retrieve status of facilities online and inquire past data.

Connectivity with Third Party Systems

Helps deliver a strategic payment management solution based on incoming and outgoing transactional data with direct integration with government and other bodies to facilitate business payments online.

  • Connectivity to third party systems to settle bills.
  • Online direct payment of taxes.

Document Management

Provides a seamless platform for corporate users to access digital documents of the bank and manage customer documents.

  • Manage supporting documents for financial transactions.
  • Retrieve past customer transaction data.

Transaction Monitoring

Our Transaction Banking suites offer a host of tools & solutions that are very quick to implement, non-invasive and can incorporate themselves into the existing process to redefine transaction accuracy and details.

  • Provide important information and notifications.
  • Alerts on due transactions to for responsible users.
  • Details on business promotions and facilities.