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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Insight solution provides real time data analytics that can be easily interpreted in a user-friendly manner. Affluence Insight endows you with methodical information which can be heavily used in business decisions.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability & Agility

Regardless of the size of the bank and your customer volumes, Affluence combines an integrated powerhouse of analytics to predict real-sense customer ROI with its combination of technology and solution. The agility of the solution allows you to extend the product across all channels and devices.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Affluence Insight is easily integrated to any Affluence Banking channel to arrest user transactions and behaviors, thereby providing reliable data storage supporting billions of files and blocks. Subsequently it analyses stored data to provide real time, predictive and historical patterns of information which are displayed in a customizable dash board, using widgets.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Productivity of session traffic will effectively capture customer click patterns and navigation behaviors thus allowing the banks to access customer trends information, such as which customers used the ad-hoc fund transfers, volume of log-outs, analysis of social and mobile metrics and the number of pages navigated along with the amount of time spent on each page.

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Real Time Data Analytics

  • How many users are logged into the system in one instance?
  • What transactions are they doing at this moment?
  • Where are they logged in from right now?
  • How many users are doing fund transfers currently?
  • All these questions and many more are answered in a detailed manner with graphical illustration.

Build Relationships With Valuable Customers

With the help of Affluence Insight, profitable market groups can be identified and given preferential treatment to strengthen customer satisfaction. Segmentation also reveals the attributes of a profitable person, enabling banks to target high profit potential customers.

Optimization Of Channel Performance

Affluence Insight will provide the analyses on different channels on different modules, where the bank can use it to redefine their understanding of customer preference patterns and enable better customer service during peak hours.

Understanding Customer Needs

Customer click patterns provide information about customer demands which can be used by the banks to focus on enhance the specific products.

Detection And Prevention Of Fraud

Detect a wide range of known forms of attack as well as emerging threats to wire, bill payment, electronic transfer and card transactions.

Historical Data Can Be Analyzed

Any channel on the Affluence product suite can be selected to gather historic information.

Monitoring Data

User interactions and behaviors are to be monitored in detail.

Predictive Data Analytics

Extract information from existing data to determine the patterns and predict future outcomes and trends.

Batch Analytics And Data Mining

Discover customer patterns and behaviors.

Customizable Dashboard

Users have the freedom to select any number of widgets in different sizes.

Operational Improvement Through Predictive Analytics

Banks can use customer patterns to generate offers and improve market strategies.