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Why Affluence Lead Management System

Why Affluence
Lead Management System

Easy way to record customer data and a reliable system to monitor your leads at every stage. Affluence modern technology helps banking employees to streamline the overall experience with Affluence Lead Management System. Our application helps your business to track and improve the entire sales process and to identify the tactics that fetch you the best leads. Affluence Lead Management system is the backbone of successful sales operations that create opportunities to your business.

Lead Acquisition and Distribution

Lead Acquisition
& Distribution

Smart web forms to capture details of your leads. Application will automatically assign the leads to sales representatives. This also provides the privilege of assigning the leads to others which gives the opportunity to serve customers regardless of the expertise. Leads are distributed and can be monitored the way they were distributed among the team. The software is reliable to set up the privileges according to the need of your business. This includes the privilege types offering to the sales staff and the higher managements. So, your business can distribute the leads across any level. Flexibility of leads reassignment at different stages to different staff depending on the business process.

Lead Monitoring and tracking

Lead Monitoring
& tracking

Personal lead monitoring facility is given as well as overall lead monitoring and tracking. History is provided for the life time of the lead to back track what happened to your leads. Scheduling meetings calls and various appointments with the customer are recorded with the end results. Appointment alerts are generated personally and/or branch wise to avoid missing out on any appointment that would disappoint your customers. Lead status are assigned automatically, providing the higher management to filter and monitor the progress of the leads.

Report Option

Report Option

Fabulous option to create reports that would track all the leads at any time. The reports are extremely flexible so you can select your own columns and rows that you desire on the report to display. Enhanced report option is provided for higher management to overview the business and once again can define their own filtration to customize the view of the report. The application provides various types of reports options including Excel, PDF and CSV.

Innovative Banking

  • Importing Leads
  • Disposition
  • Follow-Up
  • Document Generation and Delivery
  • Cross-Sell
  • Reports
  • Main System Login
  • Add Leads
  • Search Leads
  • Leads Reassignment
  • Lead Manual Allocation
  • Reports
  • User Upload
  • Employee Target
  • System Users
  • User Management
  • Area and Branch Wise Categorization