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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Mobile Banking provides integrated applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms with a browser-based solution that is available for any operation system. The solution exploits smartphone capabilities and can be entwined into any existing online banking platform and the bank’s core operational system.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability & Agility

Irrespective of the size and customer volume of your bank, Affluence enables customers to keep track of their transaction patterns and history and use a variety of payment options while being accountable for the ROI that it produces. The agility of the solution allows you to extend the solutions into more functions in time to come.

Extended Controls

Extended Controls

Supported by a comprehensive and updated back office solution which can be extended to branches and administers alike, the day to day execution of the solution has been made simple and smooth to implement, process and analyze.

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

Mobile technology is one of the most capitalized form of deriving a wealthy pool of customer data, eventually providing the marketing teams of your bank with in-depth knowledge and updated information on customer demands for top notch, cost effective marketing endeavours.

The product carries an excellent offering of rich features readily available to be deployed. With retail business solutions being seen by banks’ marketing teams as making a large impact on an institution’s image among the digitally savvy population, extending retails services to customer and Affluence retails continuously supports programs of establishing and maintaining the bank image and ensures that the actual delivery benefits its end customer with state of the art customer-oriented technology. The product uses the “active environment” concept on all devices and environments, enabling customers to be served from which ever hardware or operating system environment from which they choose to operate. The customer’s visual experience is also climatized to a “One Vision” Concept of Affluence, where the user is served the same user and graphical experience across multiple channels and devices. This unique versatility offers a seamless experience and allows the banks to maintain a uniform standard across all channels, including mobile, tablet, desktop or wearables.

  • Informative User Controllable Dashboard
  • Personalized Alerts
  • Change User ID
  • Alert Management By User
  • Online User Registration (with credit card, debit card or account)
  • NFC and QR Code Enabled
  • Dynamic Home Screen Theme
  • Transaction Search Option
  • Account History
  • Purchases
  • Funds Transfers
  • Standing Orders
  • Apply for a Savings Account / Loan / Credit Card
  • Financial Calendar
  • Dynamic Home Screen Theme
  • Transaction Search Option
  • Account Nick Name Management
  • Set Favourite Accounts
  • Touch ID
  • Peek Balance
  • Individual Transaction Limits
  • Informative Logout Screen
  • Account Creation
  • Send Money
  • Scheduled Transfers
  • Credit Card Services and Bill Payments
  • Budget Management / Personal Expense Planner
  • Change Password
  • Individual Transaction Limits
  • Informative Logout Screen
  • User Profile Management (profile picture / calling name)
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Face Recognition
  • Informative User Controllable Dashboard
  • Personalized Alerts
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Remittances
  • Auto Top-up
  • Bill Payments
  • Cheque Book Requests
  • User Messages

Innovative Banking

Convenient Customer Onboarding

  • Single user login credentials among all banking channels.
  • Minimum steps for customer on boarding by obtaining KYC with scanned documents.
  • Extract customer details through scanned identification documents.
  • Multiple secured user verifications including thumb print, voice control and face recognition.

Simplified Dashboard

  • Provides an overview of the financial position in a much more graphical manner.
  • Focused on prioritizing customer data needs and quick access to important information.

Manage Financial Transactions

  • Transfer of funds to banking as well as to non- banking customers (remittance/token based).
  • Detail transaction history is available to retrieve past transactions.
  • Flexible approach to set-up future dated and recurrent transactions.
  • Possibility to set-up cash build up planners for better cash management.
  • Monitor monthly expenses by categorizing account transactions.
  • Automated billing settlements to eliminate unnecessary burden from customers.
  • Single platform to connect with credit card management.
  • Manage general requests from customer such as cheque book request.

Improved Customer Experience

  • Sophisticated user interface to manage financial transactions easily.
  • Comprises with geo fencing to locate service outlets and to obtain directions.

Location Based Services

  • Facilitate details with related to ongoing promotions of the bank.
  • Push notifications and alert system to notify close by promotional details.

Integration to Technology Based Features

  • Ability to perform transfers via QR code.
  • Enhanced speed of transactions through NFC.