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Siri Enabled 'Pay Anyone' Expediency

The advent of voice command service makes it simple and easy to send money via Apple’s Siri; with Affluence Pay Anyone solution enabled, customers can send money to personnel in his/her contact list without even disclosing their bank account number. It is not necessary for the recipient to be a customer of the same bank. All that is required is for the recipient to be a customer with an iPhone running iOS 10 and the Affluence Mobile App. Simply tell Siri how much money needs to be sent, to who and instruct to use Affluence Pay Anyone application. Once logged in, Siri will do the needful, in a time efficient manner.

Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Pay Anyone solutions are secure and responsive as the funds will only be realized or debited when the receiver acknowledges the receipt. With transfers done within a split second, both the sender and the recipient can avail emergency money transfers anytime of the day and as the account numbers are not requested, it is a risk-free genre of convenient remittances.

Scalability & Agility

The scale or the size of your bank does not matter with Pay Anyone services. Whether it is the largest multinational or the smallest regional banking outlet, Affluence gives you accountable ROI with its combination of technology and secure solution. The scalability and agility of the solution allows swift money transfers to and from any part of the world.

Know Your Customer

Extended Controls

With a detailed back office solution which can be extended to branches and administers alike, the day to day execution of the solution has been made smooth to implement, process and analyze.

Know Your Customer

A wealth of customer data can be actively extracted from digital platforms using mobiles, e-mail portals and Facebook for better understanding of money transfer patterns, volumes and seasonality helping operational marketing teams of your bank with in-depth knowledge of whom you are serving and who you can acquire with updated information on customer demands.

Through this secure, fast, and reliable service, customers can remit or reimburse money to anyone with no mandatory requirement for the beneficiary to have an account with any designated bank. Affluence Pay Anyone does not necessitate beneficiary details and the transferred amount will only be debited once the receiver accepts the funds.

  • Pay to a mobile number, Email address or a Facebook account
  • Instant fund transfers
  • Secured dynamic URL for pass code entering
  • Receiver’s preferable accounts for fund deposits
  • Immediate notification to alert the receiver to accept the funds
  • Sender notifications on transfer statuses
  • Ideal for Split Bills
  • SMS/e-mail/Facebook notifications

Innovative Banking

Sending Method

  • The sender needs to navigate to the fund transfer page with the intention of transferring funds.
  • Select the account he/she wants to debit the funds from and mention the amount.
  • Without the traditional means of entering the beneficiary details, the customer can choose the beneficiary by the contact number on the mobile contact list or can pick an email address from the email address list or even can select a name of a friend on Facebook friends list.
  • Once the contact is selected, enter a passcode of choice and transfer the funds. Sender can choose an independent method to communicate the passcode to the receiver.

Collection Method

  • At the receiver’s end, he/she will receive a SMS notification or an email or a Facebook notification (depending on the sender’s selected method) with a dynamic URL which will expire in a set time frame.
  • Simply click the URL and enter the passcode on the navigated page.
  • Once logged in, the receiver can enter the bank details and get the funds transferred into his / her desired bank account. Receiver do not need to have an account with your bank and the funds will credit to the selected account within a second.

Product Benefits

  • Pay any one on the contact list, email address list or Facebook friend list
    Free from the hassle of entering the beneficiary details.
  • Funds will only be debited when the receiver accepts
    Funds will remain in senders account until the receiver acknowledges the funds.
  • Immediate fund transfers
    Funds are available to the receiver in a blink of an eye.
  • Risk free of entering the beneficiary account numbers
    Account numbers can be a long digit to communicate and the possibility of entering an incorrect number is higher. Transferring to the mobile number is risk free.
  • Ideal for split bills
    At a bar, at a restaurant, Affluence Pay Anyone can be used to split bills among friends instantly.
  • Transfer Money to a Friend by simply saying a single sentence
    Talk to Siri and get your money transferred to the contact you want within seconds.