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Why Affluence Payments

Fortunaglobal provides Affluence Payments, the next generation payments technology suite which connects with the LankaClear which is Sri Lanka’s National Payment Network. Our suite cover the complete lifecycle from back end operation to Merchant Management to comprehensive reporting to enable our customers to seamlessly to connect the National Payment Network with a minimum timescale.

Further our solutions are designed and developed to work seamlessly both separately or together in SaaS, cloud, or on-premise models providing the flexibility to tailor made payment solutions to suit simple, complex and diverse needs.

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JustPay allows customers to make retail payments using smart mobile devices by transferring funds from their current or savings account to the merchant’s account directly.

With a slab based, extremely low tariff scheme, JustPay provides a convenient, secure and affordable option for retail payments which are primarily made by cash and cards.

Scalability and Agility

LankaPay Common ATM Switch (CAS)

LankaPay Common ATM Switch (CAS) allows customers to use any ATM to withdraw money and check account balance at an affordable cost.

Extended Controls

LankaPay Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS)

CEFTS has enabled customers to carry out domestic interbank fund transfers upto Rs.5 Mn real-time at their convenience.

Customers can avail themselves of this service by simply logging into their internet banking, mobile banking portal or via ATM and over the counter.

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Shared ATM Network and Card Management System (CMS)

CMS provides a cost effective solution to their needs by providing a common infrastructure that connects over 99.5% of all ATMs in the country, enabling customers of any bank/NBFI the convenience of withdrawing cash or checking their account balance from over 4000+ ATMs island wide, for a fraction of the cost of investing in their own ATM network or Card Management System (CMS), with minimum operational hassle.

Extended Controls

LankaPay Online Payment Platform (LPOPP)

This online payment platform facilitates bank customers to make online payments to organizations that are connected to LankaPay Online payment Platform (LPOPP) by transferring money directly from their current or savings account to their respective organizations’ account.

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Sri Lanka Inter-bank Payment System (SLIPS)

SLIPS is a same-day electronic fund transfer facility operated by LankaClear.

SLIPS is popularly used for periodic or bulk payments such as standing order, salaries, utility bill payments etc and is found to be a popular payment option amongst the corporate sector with payments being processed electronically much efficiently with less manual work, and advanced security features and audit trails.

Solutions | Fortunaglobal

A single point of integration helps your banking processes be a lot simpler through the use of our solutions.
With Local Support, Round the clock service Fortunaglobals Middleware Solution allows seamless integration and certification between LankaPay network and Finial Services back ends.
Connect Big data is the buzzword, and we present it in an analytical format so that at any given time management could view a snapshot of your banking operation.

With this integration all your legacy systems will be transformed into modern digital channels, giving you more control and less latency in transactions. Affluence Payment Channel allows you to connect your core banking systems with other third party hosts to provide more options for your banking customers.

The biggest benefit will be the easy connectivity to government mandated systems and your banks/Finance Houses payment channels.

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