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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

We offer a one stop shop to obtain the perfect digital blend of managing and optimizing digital banking apps using an ultra-modern experience adept to fit the ever-changing needs of the banking customer. Our suite of cross-channel journeys would shift a majority of the bank officer’s functions online with the relevant armor for future add-ons.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability & Agility

We work within the context of a wide range of corporates; be it the largest multinational bank to the smallest regional financial service provider. Our Affluence technology is born with the superior agility to encompass solutions across any channel and realize the ultimate goal of enhancing your revenue streams and ROI.

Extended Controls

Extended Controls

Deliver consistent brand experience across web, mobile and other channels while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Backed by our prudently extensive back office solution that can be extended to branches and administers alike for a smooth flow of information

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

We take the challenge of truly understanding the needs and demands of your customers and we strive to provide solutions which fit their specific requirements. Our experts work to identify actionable insights from multichannel data within a cross-channel bandwidth of complex information to enrich your customer experience further. 

Affluence Retail Banking platform assures you with all the tools you need to derive the deepest insights into your customers, helping you build personalized campaigns and manage your channel revenue streams. With a 360-degree analyzation of all customer preferences, a rich construct with state of the art features and advanced predictions into future customer trends, Affluence is fully-fledged and integrated, making all your data accessible so every interaction can be beneficial. The solution uses the “active environment” concept across all devices and environments enabling customers to be served to ultimatum through any operating system they prefer to operate. The system climatizes the customer visual experience with the “One Vision” concept of Affluence where the user is given a unified “window” across multiple channels and devices. This unique interpretability offers a seamless experience and allows banks to maintain uniform standard across all channels.

  • Future–Ready Platform
  • Tailored Offerings
  • Modern User Interface
  • Responsive Design with Touch Screen Optimized Layouts
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistance (Chatbot)
  • Soft Token as an Option for Dual Authentication
  • Setting-up the Preferred OTP Receiving Method
  • Informative Logout Screens
  • Individual Limits
  • Personalized Alerts
  • Search Options
  • Account Nick Names
  • Affluence Insights
  • Consolidated View for All Accounts
  • Beneficiary Creation
  • Bulk Bill Payment
  • Omni Channel Integration
  • Remittances
  • Seamless No Hassle Customer On-Boarding from Pin Based Initiatives
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Setting Preferred Accounts
  • Certified by KPMG and TechCERT
  • Multi-Language Capability
  • Fortunaglobal
    Fully integrated to Mobitel’s Payment platform and Dialog bill payments enabling seamless pay for 200 odd billers
  • Fortunaglobal
    Connectivity for government Payments through EPF/ETF automation with Central Bank
  • Fortunaglobal
    Fully integrated to CEFT for Bill payments and Cusdec

Innovative Banking

Convenient Customer On-boarding

Attract more customers on your digital platform with a flexible customer enrollment process.

  • Customer friendly UI to provide a convenient approach to register with banking channels.
  • In-depth knowledge on customers through latest technology to extract customer data.
  • Superior security features with advanced thumb print, face recognition and voice control mechanisms.

Personalized Dashboard

Each customer would be provided with a unique theme of personalized transaction controller dashboard.

  • A wide range of dashboard color themes based on different criteria. (customer segment/season)
  • Automatic generation of promotional e-flyers /banners based on customer account balances and profile.

Financial Position & Transaction History

Provides a single-unified view of different cash movement types that are combined to give your customers a single window on a comprehensive outlook on historical and current transactions.

Assets & Liability Movement

Provides a comprehensive view on existing financial status together with assets and liability status.

Cash Movement Management

Connected to multiple channels to facilitate cash movements among local as well as foreign parties.

  • Funds transfers between account holders around the globe.
  • Updated remittance/token options to accommodate transactions to non-account holders.
  • Enhanced flexibility through future-dated and recurrent transactions along with management options.

Finance Management

Personalized approach to manage funds by setting up savings planners and by monitoring expenses.

  • Budget set-up option to encourage savings.
  • Expense dashboard to categorize and monitor monthly expenses.

Automated Management of Billing

  • Tracks online utility bill payment to multiple vendors.
  • Register preferred billers with regular payments.
  • Online Automatic bill settlement

Online Bank Assistance

Possibility to initiate a conversation with bank officials to inquire details of bank products.

  • Simplified messaging option to contact bank officials.
  • Notify responsible personalities of the bank for respective customer inquiries.
  • Maintains customer message inbox to retrieve past inquiries.

Customer Profile

Manage accessible accounts through online channels.

  • Option for customer to personalize account profile for different channels.

Credit Card Services

Form a single platform to connect with credit card management.

  • Information on card portfolio and existing status on individual cards.
  • Access to monthly statements and information on unbilled transactions.
  • Online automated bill settlements.

Request Processing

Manage customer general requests such as cheque book request.

  • Operate as a gateway to send general requests to bank officials.
  • Frequent updates and monitoring on transaction status.

Bank Information Hub

Present comprehensive bank details in a simplified approach.

  • Access to financial information.
  • Quick access to bank products.
  • Space for bank on-going promotions.