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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Social Banking solution provides a greater ease than logging in through any application for trivial banking needs with a relatively lower cost of accessibility and reach compared to stand-alone applications. With the advent of Facebook, it provides an efficient solution for today’s millennial to interact with the bank, making routine payments highly convenient.

Scalability and Agility

Scalability & Agility

The scale of the bank does not matter given the vast presence of this unbeatable social network platform, which does not require separate applications and as such, the customer can access the bank through his/her own Facebook account through either the PC or the mobile phone.

Secure Access

Secure Access

With Affluence Social Banking solution, the customer’s banking or financial profile can be securely integrated with Facebook network to provide the intended services. It respects and protects the due privacy of the customer data and is constructed in a way that is compliant with regulatory guidelines of social media platforms.

Transform Your Relationships

Transform Your Relationships

The solution is geared to transform banking relationships in very significant ways. With optimum levels of penetration, usage and engagement, the social network based financial solution will help banks recognize the opportunities that social media can bring in their business. Whilst paving way for financial inclusion, lower costs and better customer service, it gives an opportunity to banks to learn more about a customer and build rapport at transactional and informational touch points.

Innovative Banking

Banking In Social Platform

Customers’ banking profile is fully integrated with Facebook social network. Mode of Access to the application (Web/Mobile) is completely dependent on user preference.

  • Login with user credentials for any other banking channels.
  • Extensive security for customers’ financial profile.

Ability To Transact With Facebook Friends

  • Ability to make payments for Facebook friends including non-banking friends.
  • Standard Facebook notifications on transactions.
  • E-mail /SMS transaction confirmations as per customer preference.

Automated Biller Management

Online utility bill payment to multiple vendors.

  • Register preferred billers with regular payments.
  • Online Automatic bill settlement

Request Management Portal

  • Ability to make payments for Facebook friends including non-banking friends.
  • Standard Facebook notifications on transactions.
  • E-mail / SMS transaction confirmations as per customer preference.

Bank’s Promotion Management

  • Frequent access to bank’s ongoing promotions by customers.
  • Advertisement space to promote bank products.
  • Provides space for users to invite their friends to join with social banking.