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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Lisa Intelligent Chatbot provides much utilized social media access with personalized attention and prudent advice to customers. Easy to use with 24/7 accessibility, the solution helps banks to narrow down circles and build meaningful relationships with customers in the long run.

Scalability & Agility

Irrespective of the size and customer volume of your bank, Affluence Chat Bot enables customers to ‘live stream’ their queries using the very popular yet secure Facebook Messenger social networking platform whilst you can be accountable for the ROI that it produces. The agility extends beyond all forms of flexibility allowing you to integrate many responses based on customer query types.

Know Your Customer

Extended Controls

The Chat Bot is backed by a comprehensive and updated back office solution which can be extended to branches and administers alike. The day to day execution of the solution has been made simple and smooth to implement, operate and analyse.

Know Your Customer

Chat bot provides an immense wealth of customer data, customer preferences, dislikes and even suggestions which fuel the operational and marketing teams of your bank with in-depth knowledge and updated information on customer demands for process upgrades and cost-effective marketing strategies.

The program provides responses by simply scanning the keywords within the input statement and the consecutive learnings based on historical conversations. As such, the accuracy of the responses in relation to the input statement increases, as the volume of inquiries are augmented. The highly responsive Virtual Assistant is the ideal guide helping customers in their information retrieval and banking decisions. Documented knowledge management system can be fed into the application to increase the precision of the answers provided by chatbot.

  • Automated customer service
  • Artificial intelligence to solve customer inquiries
  • Review customer conversations
  • Timeout conversation breaks
  • Topics and Intra topic set ups
  • Supervised Learning
  • Immediate responses and works 24/7

Innovative Banking

Rapidly Solves Customer Concerns

There is always a typical set of questions that the employees need to answer repetitively. Chatbot can answer those questions for them.

Chatbot Can Go Wherever The Customer Goes

Easy access to the Chatbot even when one is not logged on Facebook.

No Queues & Answering Machines

Chatbot understands the customer concerns in one request and provides answers instantly.

Real-time Analytics

Chatbot understands the customer concerns in one request and provides answers instantly.

Low Cost

Company saves money on allocating human resources for answering the repetitive customer inquiries.