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Superior User Experience

Superior User Experience

Affluence Mobile Wallet solution is embedded with utmost convenience in usage with no complex registration. It is fast and error-free with payer & payee functionalities rolled into one; allowing every wallet user to effectively be a merchant. With secure login using PIN & biometrics, it creates a financial powerhouse for any type of payment, while on the go.

Scalability & Agility

Irrespective of the size, locality and business volumes of your bank, Affluence Mobile Wallet enables customers to enjoy faster and easier processing of remittances and fund transfers along with an array of other functions, with an integrated communication link between the in-house systems and the bank.

Know Your Customer

Extended Controls

The Connect platform is backed by a comprehensive and updated back office solution which can be extended to branches and administers alike. The day to day execution of the solution has been made simple and smooth to implement, operate and analyze.

Know Your Customer

Affluence Mobile Wallet with the integration through mobile platforms provides customer data, geographical placements and other quantitative aspects which would help the bank’s sales and marketing teams for special seasonal promotions and for process upgrades and cost-effective marketing strategies.

Delivering a never-before-seen level of security and convenience to consumers as well as merchants. Any registered user with a smartphone which endows access to the internet can now be empowered to send money to friends using peer-to-peer fund transfers and move funds between own accounts and cards using intra-wallet transfers. Affluence Mobile Wallet solution allows for feasible cash deposits, cash withdrawals, purchases and remittances.

Users can easily make cash deposits to their own or third-party accounts with only either the NIC number, mobile number or account number. Cash withdrawals can also be done from the Mobile Wallet linked to their primary account. Further users can also make purchases using their Mobile Wallet linked to their primary account. All transactions will be relied and required payments debited between the linked primary account and the Mobile Wallet through secure OTP verifications.

  • Convenient Online Registration
  • Registration with Only a Debit Card and a Valid PIN Number
  • Online Registration Available
  • Manual Registration Available
  • Cash Deposits
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Withdrawals with Only Mobile Number
  • Purchases
  • Debited from Primary Account with Authorization
  • Fund Transfers to Other Bank Account Holders
  • SMS Notification and PIN Number Verification of Transactions
  • OTP Verification

Innovative Banking

Feasible & Immediate Funds Transfers

  • Transfers to own accounts held in the same bank and in other banks.
  • Transfers to third party accounts held in same bank and in other banks.
  • Wallet to third-party wallet transfers.
  • Account to own wallet transfers and to third-party wallet transfers.
  • Fund transfers can be scheduled to future dates or on frequent basis.
  • Transfers are confirmed by user, OTP validated and provided transaction reference numbers.

Bill payments

  • Bill payments can be done directly from user accounts.
  • User can request transaction immediately or on a future date or a frequent basis.
  • Transactions are confirmed by user, OTP validated and provided transaction reference numbers.

Savings Planner

  • Set up to save a preferred amount or a proportion of account balance on a frequent basis.
  • User can choose to save the amount in a particular account on a preferred frequency.
  • User can choose to save on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis and the dates can be specified.
  • Savings planner requires that user has a minimum of two CASA accounts.