Fortunaglobal launches retail digital banking for SDB

Oct 2nd, 2020

Fortunaglobal launches retail digital banking for SDB

Pioneering a wave of digital banking solutions in Sri Lanka, Fortunaglobal has firmly entrenched its credentials as the leading FinTech with its Affluence Digital Banking Suite and other digital solutions that promote financial inclusion.

Fortunaglobal boasts being the single vendor serving the largest number of financial institutions in Sri Lanka. The company’s customised banking products have changed the industry supporting billions of secured transactions to create a more financially inclusive world.

Another milestone was added recently when Fortunaglobal launched Retail Digital Banking for Sanasa Development Bank (SDB). The state-of-the-art solution enables SDB’s retail customers to do a plethora of banking activities online using the Affluence Digital Banking solution. The Affluence Digital Banking solution has been designed and perfected especially keeping in mind the local demands and use cases, to provide the best possible digital banking experience to the user. During the COVID-19 lockdown and restriction on movement, Affluence essentially became the digital bank branch with almost every function of a branch being available at the fingertips.

This unique solution also empowered SDB retail customers to register for online banking from the comforts of their home. It features seamless connectivity with multiple payment channels which supports real-time payments and interbank transfers. The thinking behind the solution for SDB was to integrate its clients seamlessly to the digital environment, however not compromising on the key customer-bank relationship that our client is known for.

Prior to launching Retail Digital Banking, Fortunaglobal implemented Business Internet Banking for Sanasa Development bank last year making their corporate customer transactions more convenient.