Fortunaglobal unveils next generation Affluence LISA - the AI chat bot

Nov 13th, 2017

Fortunaglobal unveils next generation Affluence LISA - the AI chat bot

With its ‘Brand Affluence’ product range having already become the benchmark for omni-channel banking in Sri Lanka’s FinTech sector, Colombo Based Fortunaglobal has set its sights on innovating for the global marketplace, with its new LISA virtual assistance chat bot currently about to graduate its development phase, with an eye toward going-to-market in a matter of weeks.

Available to Fortunaglobal’s B2B clients, LISA is an engine for conversational dialogue, which has been formulated to respond to inquiries perceptively by embedding a virtual agent in the client institution’s website.

This offers a unique, interactive and secure means by which to pursue customer responses and assistance, around the clock. Further, it provides superior frontline support while eliminating the hassle and cost of investing in and maintaining a large staff to respond to routine daily queries.

LISA is particularly exciting because of its much-utilized social media access, with personalized attention and prudent advice to customers, in addition to its 24/7 customer response capability, and even Call Center support functionality. Currently LIVE, it is in the beta testing phase of its lifecycle.

A premier version of the product also features the ability to transact through common messaging platforms such as Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger, where customers can perform day-to-day banking transactions on the go without logging in to any other banking application.

According to Suren Kohombange, CEO of Omni Channel banking software solutions provider Fortunaglobal, "LISA is a very important step for us and the FinTech sector as whole, since it can be seen as a possible precursor for totally intelligent bots that could, in turn, result in our lineup of AI-driven digital banking platforms in the near future. Hence, we are researching and deploying bots like LISA to see how far this technology can grow, with a purpose to learn and evolve as much as possible."

Fortunaglobal’s Brand Affluence suite of B2B and B2C digital banking solutions currently provides next generation services an Omni Channel Platform which fast tracks and evolves the delivery of banking and financial services, while at the same time simplifying these services for banking staff and its end-consumers.

Suren added, "LISA is just the most recent step that we at Fortunaglobal have taken in adapting Machine Learning into technology, with a view to advancing the global BFSI sector."

With the backbone of an unparalleled team of experienced technologists, consultants, researchers and designers buoyed by a resilient passion focused on treading beyond the norms of traditional sales and marketing parameters, Fortunaglobal has, for over 10 years, guaranteed a real-time knowledge of customer behaviors and trends, delivering the next generation in consumer-driven omni-channel digital platforms.