The Partner Program​

Select the Best Partner Programs which best suites your Business

Global System Integrators

Through this program, unlock your potential by joining our system integration partners program by extending your offering with Affluence digital suite. If you think developing a solid Affluence product line will serve you better in your business offering, then this program suites you the most.

Fintech Strategy & Digital Consultancy

With our strong partnerships, we envision giving our clients a 360 digital implementation solution. From digital methodologies to banking functionalities, our consulting partners deliver excellence and create new market opportunities for you. Hence with global consultancy partners, we are ready to disrupt banking technology and create the solutions that best suit your needs.

What You Will Receive With Our Partner Program

Gain access to our Partner Empowerment Program

We provide our partners with extensive support that assists them in reaching their business goals. Our partner empowerment program will guide you through to execute and deliver on our joint offering. Aside from our personal extensive support, we will also be providing our Partner Suite than entails that the following;

  • Development Tools
  • Sales & Marketing Tools
  • Certification & Enablement
  • Support Resources
  • Financial Incentives

Open up to a world of business opportunities

Our partner programs are designed to ensure your success! By working with us, you can enjoy;

  • Adding new capabilities to your portfolio to increase your business opportunities.
  • An increase in revenues
  • Competitive advantage by providing premier digital banking solutions
  • Provide a comprehensive 360 solution to your customers by partnering with Fortunaglobal.

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