Cargills Bank Limited with a sound capital base, personalized customer service and a strong product portfolio, is set to make a paradigm shift in the banking industry in Sri Lanka not witnessed by its people for the past couple of decades. We wish to focus as the most inclusive bank harnessing the spirit of progress in every Sri Lankan.

The largest shareholders of Cargills Bank Limited are Cargills (Ceylon) Plc and CT Holdings PLC, highly diversified conglomerates listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with interests in entertainment, hospitality trade, property development, manufacturing, food processing and retailing.


Mobile Banking

The retail mobile banking options for millennials and other mobile 1st retail banking customers.


Retail Banking

Cargills bank's retail internet banking facility provides an advanced digital platform for the bank’s customers to meet their day to day banking needs.


Corporate Banking

The Cargills bank's corporate internet banking facilitates a bunch of unique features to accommodate regular financial management requirements of small, medium and large corporates.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

Chatbot is a conversational dialogue engine which makes it possible to respond to client inquiries intelligently.


Connect Banking

Cargills Facebook application is an alternative channel for Cargills bank's customers to perform day to day banking activities around the clock in a convenient manner.


Connect Banking

Cargills bank uses Fortunaglobal’s Connect Middleware as the Single Transactional Routine Middleware for all internet banking including ATM, OTC, Web, Mobile, SMS and Inter Central Switch Payment routines.

Irrespective of the size, locality and business volumes of the bank, Affluence Connect enables customers to enjoy faster and easier processing of large transaction values, with an integrated communication link between their in-house systems, bank and the outside payment networks.

The Experience

For the first time in Sri Lanka, you can deposit and withdraw cash at any Cargills FoodCity outlet and purchase goods using your mobile phone.

  • You can Send Cash instantly to any mobile phone, and Withdraw Cash from any Cargills Food City outlet.
  • You get guaranteed Cash, at any Cargills Food City outlet.
  • You can access your bank account securely and instantly, anytime, anywhere and on any day.
  • You have the utmost convenience, whether you are at home or out shopping.

Making further in-roads in to CASA, the bank launched its Cargills Cash Savings Account with a state-of-the art mobile app enabling the users to deposit and withdraw cash through Cargills Food City check-out counters, purchase goods using the app and send cash to any mobile with the same app.

The ability to deposit and withdraw cash via over 300 plus Food City outlets will give much leverage for the bank to mobilize deposits without much effort and without the need to spend on capital expenditure – a luxury its competitors do not have.